Fisher Enterprises LLC

Fisher Enterprises LLC

After almost 30 Years of Helping Non-Bankable Commercial Transactions in the U.S. and Worldwide, Our Firm Remains Active in Helping Troubled Commercial Transactions Including START-UP'S, ACQUISITIONS and OPERATING BUSINESSES

“Even Those That Are Still Recovering from the Covid Pandemic”

Your One-Stop Financial Services Company for
NON-BANKABLE Commercial Transactions Worldwide

Fisher Enterprises LLC is an almost 30-year-old  financial services company located in New York City that is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We arrange senior and sub-debt financing for companies and individuals that cannot obtain adequate commercial bank financing.


We represent hundreds of NON-BANK lenders and finance groups who can finance start-ups, acquisitions (where the borrower has little cash to contribute), and debt restructuring for troubled companies in most countries, with or without hard assets.


We can arrange for 100% project financing, both domestically and worldwide, with no debt service required during construction and, in most cases, with NO equity stake taken in your project. Project size ranges from $1,000,000 up to $500,000,000+. This type of finance structure has certain minimum liquidity requirements to cover the cost of a capital raise which can often be as little as 1% or less against the total project costs.


With the COVID-19 crisis still looming, there are many manufacturers and wholesale businesses that may not even be operating BUT who have assets such as real estate, equipment, or inventory that can be used as collateral to secure a 6 to 12-month bridge loan. This loan can be used to discount existing debt, and where from the loan proceeds, an interest reserve can be set aside to cover the monthly payments until the economy revives.


We have NO upfront fees. We will review and analyze the client’s funding request at our expense and then seek to find an appropriate funding source from the hundreds we represent to provide the requested funding. ONLY after this process and ONLY if we are able to find a funding source who will give us specific financing terms based on the representations made by the client about their particular deal will we present a proposal to the client along with our broker fee agreement. At this point, the client can decide if they want to proceed with the specific terms and conditions offered by a specific funding source we are presenting to them and thus proceed to retain us to move forward. We ALWAYS will refund the retainer if we or the funding source are unable to honor the agreement.


We can also help NON-Bankable businesses that are stuck in very expensive Merchant Cash Advance Loans by paying off that expensive debt with a bridge lender that can save the borrowing entity 65% to 90% a month in debt service costs.


We also arrange for film financing both domestically and internationally and business loans secured by the “enterprise value” of a company, as opposed to just using the company’s tangible assets. Enterprise value is defined as the amount a company could be sold for, minus its tangible asset value, which allows for companies to obtain larger credit facilities than could be had through a traditional asset-based lender.


In today’s economy, where many find bank financing difficult to continue with, we are also able to help qualified owners of apartment buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and any other investment property that has good cash flows refinance out of their existing mortgage WITHOUT A PERSONAL GUARANTEE, WITH RATES AS LOW AS 3.50% PER ANNUM AND LTV’S OF UP TO 80%.

An old joke goes, ‘You can get as much money as you need from a bank as long as you can prove you don’t need it.’ Otherwise, you may need our services.


As a 30-year-old, New York-based financial consulting firm, we can arrange alternative financing for non-bankable commercial transactions throughout the United States as well as internationally.


Functioning as a national clearinghouse, we represent hundreds of non-traditional money sources that are specifically geared to fund troubled or growing companies.


We are Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which, among other things, means that we have not had even ONE unresolved or unanswered complaint in all of our years in business, having serviced thousands of clients.


The money sources that we represent are generally non-bank lenders that provide financing to companies and individuals seeking commercial financing who cannot obtain adequate capital to grow or run their businesses. Our principal, David Franklin, has worked on thousands of difficult cases over a 35-year period (including Chapter 11 situations as well as developmental stage companies needing debt financing) involving hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.

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Client Profile

Any company or individual that is unable to secure commercial financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are immediate. Some examples are developmental stage companies, companies with historical and/or current losses, companies with a negative net worth or tax liens, companies in Chapter 11, healthy companies that need a more aggressive lender who will provide a larger credit facility, and companies where the principals have poor credit. Individuals who have poor credit or limited capital to make an acquisition of a commercial property or operating business may also find help through our lenders.

Helping Banks to Help Themselves

Banks receive their funds from depositors like you and me and therefore have a mandate not to take undue risks with the funds they lend.


Fisher Enterprises LLC represents several hundred NON-BANK lenders located throughout the country that obtain their funds not from deposits but rather from the sale of notes and bonds on Wall Street and through private investors. They are, therefore, able to take on more risk and provide financing for tougher transactions that do not qualify for bank financing. This includes companies that are in Chapter 11 that have losses or negative net worth, or that may have a tax lien.


When the bank has a commercial borrower that is in violation of their loan covenants and is put into “workout,” we can assist that bank by providing a replacement lender that will take them out. Loan size can range from as little as $25,000 up to well in excess of $100,000,000. Collateral can consist of any or all of the following: accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or real estate. Intangible assets such as intellectual property may also be used to secure a loan under certain conditions. Bridge loans can often be arranged and closed in as little as 2 weeks.


Additionally, when the bank turns down a commercial loan applicant based on poor credit or too short a time in business, we may also be able to arrange for one of our lenders to provide the needed financing until such time as that account becomes “bankable.” In the meantime, the bank keeps the checking account and builds goodwill with the customer.